Friday, November 03, 2006

The Dutch VoIP Phone directory “Samen Gratis Bellen”

Are we unique in the world with a VoIP telephone book especially for one country?

Wouter van den Berg, Economy student at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, is much aware of the fact that you can only spend your money once.
When all his friends moved to other locations in Holland, he was more then happy to sign up for free internet calls and reduced his costs to almost zero.

Phoning via the Internet is not unknown, neither is phoning via your computer though it is cost effective and a good replacement for your landline (note that it is still not possible to call emergency numbers! Keep your mobile at hand when you want to unsubscribe from your landline).

Wouter thought that it was the right moment to start the first Dutch VoIP telephone directory “
Samen Gratis Bellen
He developed a “grown up” telephone directory with an easy to navigate and good looking lay-out.
Although I was not one of the very first to sign up, I was definitely one of the earlier ones.

In the meantime many other private and business users found their way to Wouter’s on-line directory.

If you know similar directories in other countries, feel free to list them here in your comment.
Otherwise: may more countries follow Wouter’s great initiative!


  1. Neat the "samen gratis" bellen, but a lack of ambition: he should make it multilingual and multi-country!

  2. First of all thank you Ike for your publishing a piece about my initiative. Second of all, Jean, you are partly right. The site should be multilingual and multi country! But it is not a lack of ambition, but a lack of money and/or programming skills.