Friday, November 03, 2006

Don’t tell me it is the end of the week again….

I don’t know about you, but running your own business is often a 24/7 job. And especially when it is busy with numerous little jobs, I easily forget which day I live.
I don’t mean the date. No, I am much aware of that: billing time!
I mean the days of the week. On Tuesday I was almost certain it was Friday. And now with a few minutes to go before it is indeed Friday, I just can’t believe the week went that fast.

It will also be a week ago that my Mother arrived home from the hospital by ambulance.
We got her settled with a special bed, extra help from a nurse (also during the night but this wasn’t of much help as Mum woke up as soon as the nurse arrived and couldn’t sleep for hours after the nurse left! So we cancelled that). I now know how to listen to Mum’s lungs and are allowed to give her extra medication when she starts filling up with fluid again.
Morphine is also on the “menue” for breathing problems. Hopefully we don’t need it but it is a comfortable thought it is there. This way I hope to keep Mum out of hospital for a while.

I spent much time with my Mother during the weekend, promising myself to catch up with the work on Monday and so I did. Unfortunately I had to take Mum’s little dog to the Vet. Diagnosed with a paralyzed bowl, the only human way to handle this, was to put her to sleep. Not necessary to mention Mum and I had a little cry.

This past week was one of little jobs: answering forwarded landline calls, Skype calls, phoning clients of my client, my Moderator work on the Forum, minor Beta testing, more volunteering translations, billing (best part of my administration ;-) ) , the design of new forms to list the little job overviews, replying to the odd questions on Skype,
networking, reading Skype related articles for my blog (it is all about new hardware for Skype these days) and the occasional private chat.

Yesterday late night I had a conversation with my client
Opvion who is currently in New Zealand, planning to come back to Holland early next year instead of next week. Apart from talking about business, we also had a good laugh and I logged off at 1.30 AM with a big smile.

I don’t think I have to mention that I had difficulties waking up this morning….

As a brake from the office work, the building cooperation I rent my little house from arrived with a new heater for my bathroom. This reminded me of which day it was and I was surprised.
Do all days look like one another then? No, no boring days in my life it is just that the 24 hours seem to fly. Any suggestion how to make 48 hours of 24?

Today ended with a Skype call of my London client
Matter Solutions who is going to move to Australia tomorrow. Varras Consultancy stays put and is going to answer all Uk calls.

And, last but not least, this blog post.

Friday, for many the last day of the week. For others day 5 of 7. I am looking forward to a brake on Saturday afternoon and hopefully a longer brake on Sunday, weather permitted. Although I don’t mind rain (after all Autumn is my favourite season), today it was an icy rain, like little frozen needles.
I ordered sunshine for Sunday and a lot of wind. Dog and I are planning a walk along the
Waddenzee near our favourite village “Moddergat” Feel like joining us?

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