Monday, November 13, 2006

How Human is Polystyrene?

Like a human being, Polystyrene has a character of it’s own. Not something to mess about with.

It is present in bulk form, so are people.

It even has backbones but each of the '
chiral' backbone carbons lies at the center of a 'tetrahedron' - Mmmm, sounds more like a Dinosaur though.

It is tough - like some humans. “Pure polystyrene is brittle, but hard”

Expanded polystyrene is very easily shaped and cut - Ah, wished this with some stubborn people I know…

It plays a critical role in pharmaceutical research - So do people.

In the United States, environmental protection regulations prohibit the use of solvents on polystyrene - Doesn’t have the US environmental protection regulation for human polluters too? The fees are high!

Do we have more in common with Polystyrene then we thought we would have??

Here some
real facts about Polystyrene, it changed my view on those “white plaques” that are insolating my little house…

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