Thursday, November 16, 2006

Adapters for landlines and Skype

Most of my blog visitors know that apart from being a distributor for
TipTel Holland, I am also more or less addicted to their products. The software for Holland is especially developed for our telephone systems and their Support is fantastic.

When the
TipTel Cyberbox250 arrived on the market (February 2006), they sent me one for free and I am more then happy with it. It is very functional and switches seamless between my landline and Skype calls.
I can also call my Skype contacts from any landline or mobile phone by calling my home number, dialling a code number which connects me to Skype and then dialling the speed dial of my contact.
Of course Skype needs to be running on my computer.
The Tiptel Cyberbox costs € 50 ex VAT and P&P. For a complete overview of all TipTel's VoIp products, click

TipTel was one of the very first with this box but not the only one anymore. This morning I received an e-mail with a link to similar products: the Intenet Adapter SIPTalk, the TeleVoIP stick and the PointVoce (only US and Canada). I like to highlight the PointVoce.

PontiVoce is the new TeleVoce software-only product that is the start of a platform that creates new utility for Skype users. This first version sets up a mini-app that uses a Skype API to allow remote callers--who you select, to make calls through your PC. This is of particular interest with the current free calling promotion, but it will become much more.

Right now this is very useful to extend call options beyond a simple call forward. From anywhere in the world I can use your Skype to call you or family members at work, home or cell. This sets a new relationship with PontiVoce buddies who have special rights to contact you. You can appear to be away and not available to others on Skype, but those with PontiVoce can still reach you at any phone.

For more info visit “

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