Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Skype User Satisfaction Survey

A while ago there was this post on the Forum:

A group of students and myself from the University of South Florida are conducting a simple survey on Skype user satisfaction.
It consists of a short automated Skype call, followed by a brief questionnaire. The entire process should take less than three minutes.
If you would like to help us with our research please visit: http://skype.cse.usf.edu/
We appreciate your participation, and feel free to suggest the survey to any friends or family that use Skype.
Rodrigo Gutierrez

Indeed a simple survey but done in a very clever way! You need to have Skype downloaded on your computer and when you click the link, you get connected to a voice that asks you to leave a short message. After 20 seconds, a chat message pops with the instructions for the short survey.

I am impressed; they made use of Skype in an intelligent way. Please visit the link and join the survey. It is worthwhile.

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