Thursday, October 26, 2006

Using your “car” to navigate your PC, to call your Skype contacts and to listen to music?

Cars, I like them very much. My most favourite brand is Volvo. I drive and own Volvo’s since 1982 and will until I am not fit enough anymore to drive any car. Or maybe Volvo will have designed a 40 Km vehicle by then.

I rather talk about cars on birthday parties then about make-up, designer cloths or holidays in Spain.
I have been driving Volvo 444, 544, Duett, P1800 ES, Amazone, 245, 745, 850, V70, V50 and currently I own a V40. Volvo mad… or is it an illness??

Although not a Volvo, there is a “car” which is a mouse that can also be used to make calls over the internet:
Street Mouse VOIP, in the shape of the famous Beetle.

Street Mouse VOIP comes sporting its infamous sexy lines and sports car style, not to mention fully working LEDs in the car's headlights. While a glance under the bonnet will reveal a high quality ergonomically designed 800dpi optical mouse with two buttons and one scroll for easy desktop navigation.

But of course all that's just for starters. The feature which catapults this terrific novelty mouse to the daddy of all is its fully integrated mic and speaker which makes it perfect for making those low-cost VOIP calls that all the cool kids are talking about. Just connect your mouse via its USB adapter and you've got all the equipment you need to make phonecalls over the internet.

There's also some good quality headphones included which you can plug into the 3.5mm jack plug if you want to listen in private, while the speaker will also blast out your MP3s if you'd rather listen to music. All in all, the Internet Phone and Speaker VOIP Street Mouse is one sexy beast, but don't be deceived, it's much more than just a pretty face.

And if you prefer a TVR, please view the details
here. I wait for a Volvo ;-)

Main features Beetle:

· Unique ergonomic design and style
· Accurate 800 dpi optical mouse
· Internet phone for making VOIP calls - works with Skype
· Built-in mic - headphones included
· USB and PS2 adaptors included
· Suitable for PC and Laptop
· 2 buttons with scroll wheel
· Rear taillights and working LED headlights
· Available in cherry red and silver
· No mouse pad required

“Coolest Gadgets”

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