Friday, October 06, 2006

USB Flash Drive

Usually my Laptop follows me everywhere. It is my office and I can think of worse ways then carrying a 2,99 Kg office around.

Since I bought my new Compaq Presario, I work with two laptops. Because the new one is still not fully updated, I user either an external disk (180 GB, do I love so much space….:-) ) or the wonderful SanDisk Cruzer® Titanium USB Flash Drive to move files from one laptop to the other.

If I don’t need my whole office with me but only a few documents and / or programs, the Cruzer is also my partner.
Not only because it has Skype installed (what would I do without Skype) but I do like the software. It is secure and easy to use. File transfer is done in no-time and downloading programs is a piece of cake.

But for those who still need software for their Flash Drive, there is another software for capturing and recalling digital information: EverNote 1.5.
EverNote software provides a single place for capturing, categorizing and instantly locating all types of information, such as typed and handwritten notes, web clips, emails, phone messages, addresses, passwords, brainstorms, sketches, photos and documents, and accessing them on multiple platforms and devices. The new version of EverNote software introduces data portability via synchronization with removable media, access to notes from other applications, new email clipping options, expanded security, data transfer via instant messenger and a number of other new options and improvements.

EverNote 1.5 software for Windows is available as a free download. EverNote Plus 1.5 software, which includes file synchronization and advanced digital link features, has a base price of $39.95. Both are available immediately at and through the company’s distributors.

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