Sunday, October 15, 2006

Off the Skype Record

I have been updating my blog with pure Skype related issues and hardware posts recently.
Nah, not because I am lazy. But more because there was so little time to continue e.g. my “gallery of special people” or to post about my Consultancy and my life.

Life is hectic, as you read in an
earlier blog post, my mother has been in Hospital. She is at home again (with a big thank you to all who were and still are so supportive) but not at all well. Her heart attack made her vulnerable and she is in a worse physical condition ever.

My mother is 78 but lived an intense and full life. Now her heart is worn out leaving her so very tired.
I spend as much as possible time with her outside my office hours. I live only 65 metres away so can be there in seconds when needed.
A nurse is now looking after her during the mornings and evenings, friends are visiting her (making their own coffee and doing there own dishes, HUG!!) and yesterday the whole family was together to discuss the necessary bits around her eventual death.
Mum likes to be prepared, wants to choose her own text and music and who will receive an announcement of her death.
It wasn’t as easy as it sounds but that is how we all are: we love to look after are own business until it is impossible :-)

For Mum the day was extra special as she could hold her great grandson who celebrated his 1st birthday last Friday.
But she was so tired after everyone left. I spent some extra time and left her shortly before the nurse arrived.

Varras Consultancy and my work as member of the Skype Community Team, takes time as well. Up till now I manage to combine this with many other little related jobs but skip any personal life for some time.
I am not complaining, my mother is a wonderful person and it is a joy to be there for her.

Varras Consultancy is growing, there are new future plans of which I will keep you updated when they are more concrete. I never imagined the wonderful “consequences” of starting my business but
as mentioned before, it is a business with a great sense of humour and I am so curious for the future.

I am blessed. Blessed in many, many ways; a very special and loving Mum, special family, friends and clients.
I think it is about time you ALL deserve a BIG thank you. You are part of my wonderful world.


  1. Anonymous8:25 pm

    I am glad to hear that she does better! :)

  2. I wished she did but she is not.
    Like I said: "Her heart attack made her vulnerable and she is in a worse physical condition ever."

    But thanks Joerg, much appreciated.


  3. Well, I meant it from the surrounding situation:

    More towards the end of the article.
    I admit that I wrote it a bit misunderstandable. Sorry.