Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Skype lands deal for Wi-Fi access in Europe

Skype's Internet calling service will soon be accessible at The Cloud's Wi-Fi hot spots across Europe, the two companies announced on Tuesday.

Although normal online access to Skype's voice over Internet Protocol services is free to those connecting via PC, access to The Cloud's Wi-Fi network
will require the use of a Skype-enabled phone from SMC Networks and payment of a 6.99-pound monthly service fee (about $13).
"We are delighted to partner with SMC Networks and extend the service we provide today with Skype to Wi-Fi-enabled handsets," Niall Murphy, The Cloud's chief technology officer, said on Tuesday.

"This agreement delivers on our commitment to provide the widest range of Wi-Fi services to customers across Europe," Murphy continued, adding that the deal "marks the start of a real low-cost alternative to traditional telecoms services."

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