Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My days….

…….start at 7 Am and end… well… if I am lucky, between 11 PM and 1 AM.

I start my day with making myself presentable enough to be allowed outdoors. Then it is feeding time for my animals. As a former Para Veterinarian nurse, I have a few, recently extended with my mother’s little dog “Cindy” Then breakfast and a walk with Cindy and my own dog Invandra.

On my way home a stop at Mum’s house. Not for the usual hot coco but to look after her house because Mum is in Hospital again. Unfortunately her health is worse. Her Heart failure causes a lot of fluid in her body and last Saturday her lungs filled up very quickly. She was rushed off to Hospital early evening.
It was heart braking to see her suffer so much, she nearly drowned in her own fluid.

Although they can’t get rid of all the fluid in her lungs anymore, right now breathing is easier.
We expect her home again on Friday. The Hospital and I are arranging a special bed and an extra nurse to look after Mum more often.

I live in a small community but the professional help for elderly and sick people is excellent.
Heads up for ‘our’ hospital "
Nij Smellinghe" and “Thuiszorg De Friese Wouden” who know how to treat every patient and their families with dignity. There are not enough words to express my feelings about the way they surround especially Mum, with all possible care.
I know Mum will not be with us for long anymore. The fluid problem will get worse and we all hope that her Heart will give up before she has to suffer more. And knowing there are professional people to help and to support, is so comfortable.

After I made sure that everything is alright at Mum’s home, the cat well looked after, I start my working day at my office with connecting to the Skype accounts of my clients so I can take their calls and reply to the chats.
Then I log on to Skype’s forum to do my Moderator job.

The administration of Varras is a returning daily job, unfortunately my Client file broke and we seem unable to repair it. I received new software and are busy updating with my old information.

My co-worker Stephanie and “
Tallstugan” are and have been working on a translation for “SDS Medical” and I just finished the translation of two Skype Plug-ins (“SkyDates” from Datalyrics and a new program of which I am also one of the Beta testers) . Waiting for me is checking another translation.

Skype’s closed Beta testing is also part of my day although I am less active as some of my Beta colleagues.

My contacts are very supportive and ask me regularly how Mum is doing. I appreciate this so much and are more then happy to reply to their chat messages.

In between I try to update my business and personal webpage as both need a new layout.

I also need to look after myself with the occasional meal and after my little house with housekeeping.
Before I know, it is 6 PM, time to walk the dogs and to go to the Hospital to hug Mum.
It is only a 30 minutes drive and although no visitors allowed after 7.30 PM, no-one ever asked me to leave.
It is so good to visit Mum in a relaxing atmosphere.

When returning home again, I first look after Mum’s cat and make sure the house is ready for the night.
Then back to the office (read home), ready for the calls from friends and family.

Soon it is 10 PM and time to finish the office work and a last visit to Skype’s forum.

Yes, I am tired when finally going to bed but thankful that I am able to manage the care for Mum and doing my work.
Soon Mum will be home again so I can spend more time with her. Not knowing how much longer she will be with us, I am going to make the best of our time together. With the help of all those loving people.

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