Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A no nonsense USB phone for Skype

Tiptel is my favourite brand for USB phones. I have several Tiptel devices: the USB
117, 118, Cyberbox 250 and the 217 wireless phone.
The 118 is quite “harmless” when it comes to handling it but it is not a phone you easily carry around.
It takes some space in your bag.

Tiptel Holland now, came out with a smaller “no nonsense” phone. Easy to use for everyone. Just plug and play and not taking much space in your baggage.

The 112 USB handset is ideal for people who don’t like unnecessary extras. It is plain and simple.
The only thing you have to do to place calls over the Internet is to plug it into to a USB connection on your PC.
Because it is a light weight handset, it is an excellent travel mate in your laptop bag or for your holidays to place cheap and simple calls.

Apart from the USB 112 handset, you only need a PC, an Internet connection and e.g. Skype.
The software can be downloaded from the website. No soundcard needed.

For now it is only available in Holland for the price of appr. € 15 including VAT.

Specifications in Dutch

(Varras Consultancy is official retailer for Tiptel NL)

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