Monday, October 02, 2006

My new Laptop

My "oldie" is about to give up. I am certain she understood every word when I ordered my new laptop the Compaq Pressario V6066. Immediately after my phone call she messed up programs.
I tried to assure her she was going to stay with me for a long time, connected to the wireless 3Com router as I still needed her.
But she is definitely disappointed. She is showing that in many ways. The only things she is still doing perfect is running the Skype clients and their sound devices. I think she loves Skype as much as I do.

I have been working long nights to keep her going and to install the Compaq in the meantime.
During the day I have my business to look after plus my visits to my mother who unfortunately, went to Hospital on Thursday night with a serious Heart failure. (Hence my absence but I am back.)
Mum is doing better now although she is still on oxygen. So that is a relief as I love her to bits. She is a very, very special Mum.

Mum’s dog, a spoilt Maltezer, is staying with me again. She and my animals are good friends. But doggie also needs my attention. I told her that is a bit difficult at the moment. Does she understand? I am afraid not.... Nevertheless she has to get used to our normal daily life.

Back to the Compaq. Wow…. What a beautiful machine! Fast, quiet and good-looking too!
Most programs are up and running. Working on the Forum is even more nicer now with this speed.
Call quality is excellent. I phoned my aunt in Canada and it sounded like we were in the same room.
Oh, I can go on and on but will wait with a full report until I have been using it over a longer period then 3 days

I never complained about my old laptop. OK, it became a bit slow and needs a total clean. But not before the new one is fully equipped which will take some time. Still it is a huge difference with the new one.

In the meantime is working with two laptops not a punishment. It is apart from fun, also nice for using even more different hardware with accounts! My new toys….


  1. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Hi Ike,

    I hope your mum improves.

    By the way, I think your story of how you got involved with Skype is great!


  2. Thank you Robbie :-)I will pass it on to my Mother.