Monday, March 19, 2007

Skype and the Edge-Core Wi-Fi Phone WM4201

My Edge-Core WiFI Phone WM4201 with Skype software preloaded, arrived last Wednesday, within 24 hours after I ordered it with TipTel
I have been playing with this wonderful toy for some days now and I can only say I am highly impressed with its technology.

Apart from the avatar, chat messages and uploading your credits (this is only possible via your account page at, it does everything the PC Skype client does too.
It took me a while to configure it for my WiFI router but blame the router (or me) as I had numerous problems to get it working with my laptops. 3Com even sent me a new device, which worked much quicker. It is also hard to get any router working with my Internet Provider UPC, this is a well known problem.

No problems with the WiFi phone when I set the router to a static IP address but then my laptops disconnected from the Internet and they did not connect with a static address.
I got it all working as it should do by giving the WiFI phone the mac-address of one of my laptops and to make this a static mac-address. When all the settings are entered, the phone remembers them and signing in is a piece of cake.

Since then I enjoy the luxury of shuting down the laptops but being on-line during the evenings, still able to receive and place calls via Skype.
My mood message is informing my contacts that I can only accept calls and no chats. For them they thus see my normal Skype avatar and me WiFi mood message.

Authorization requests arrive and can be accepted or cancelled after viewing the profile of the requester.
Voicemail settings, on-line status, profile, you name it, it is all there and working like charm.
The sound quality is very good, even away form the router with a lower connection percentage.
Very promising for when I am going to use it in other WiFi and Hotspot area’s.

Together with the charging cradle (optional) it is a beautiful set and worth every penny.
Standard it comes with a 220Volt charger, USB cable and earpiece with answering button.


  1. Thank you, useful post. I think I'll buy this wifi skype phone for my parents.

  2. Ike,

    does the phone have a loudspeaker mode? When you can put it on a table and several people can listen and talk over it.

    Or, have you got a cradle for it, and if so, does that have any loudspeaker mode?


  3. Also, can you configure 'idle timeout' on it? I mean the time period, that when you don't use/touch the handheld for so long, it changes your status to Away (or what you choose)?

    Or, even if you can't configure that time period on the device but if you set it in Windows, does the Away period apply to Edge-Core device?

  4. Ike, one more please: Does it work over standard earphones, and can you hear the voice in both left and right earphone? This way my parents could share one pair of earphones at the same moment.

    Thank you

  5. Hi Peter,

    No it does not have a speaker mode.

    Yes, you can plug in earphones but I never tried that.

    You can not select a status time out but you can set it manually.
    Maybe it works with your your computer account settings, I am afraid I never tried it.

    Best wishes,


    You will find more info here (just copy and paste in browser)