Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Logitech Mobile Pro and Widcom Bleutooth High Quality Audio

My Laptop is a Compaq V6060EA (HP) with Widcomm drivers (High Quality Audio)
I never got the High Quality working with my devices but never paid much attention to this either because they worked well with the normal Bluetooth driver. But then they were old and I wished that has not been tucked away in the back of my mind where it popped up after hours of frustration when using my new Logitech Mobile Pro….

It arrived with the supplier who charged the battery as asked for by me, on Monday. Great service these guys!
I collected it yesterday morning very early and paired it to my laptop successfully. Skype test calls went well and I was confident to answer any call. The Pro fits very comfortable around my ear and is great for peopel wearing glasses. And no matter how hard I shake my head, it stays around my ear.
Very good sound too, very clear with hardly any background noises. Definitely what I was looking for.

Mum was my test bunny but to my great annoyance, the headset switched off between 30 seconds and two minutes. Not just disconnecting from the laptop, no it switched off!!!
I switched to my old comfortable Tulip laptop and calls went smoothly. Likewise with my mobile phones.

I couldn’t understand why and browsed the help section on my Compaq, HP’s website and the Internet. No related topics. I phoned Logitech who listened, advised, even thought that Skype was sending some log-off signals (???) (though the same happened with VoipStunt) but who did not have a solution either.

I phoned HP who also listened, went through various settings, did not believe Skype was sending some sort of log off signal, guided me to updates for the drivers and Bleutooth architecture and felt disappointed as well that the problem still existed.

I phoned my supplier and we agreed that I could collect another Mobile Pro to see if it was only a problem with the one I bought.

Because we had updated the architecture, I thought it would be nice to try the High Quality Audio, who knows it was working now. And it did, how happy I was. I made call and ….. yes, you guessed right, no switching off with my Pro!!

I bet that it would have worked before the update as well. After all this Pro v1.2 offers up to date technology unlike my old devices…

Yep, I am still learning!


  1. I;m not getting a good battery life out of my Logitech Mobile pro. I use it mainly for dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software as well as Skype and after about an hour of use, I get the audible beeps to tell me that the battery will only last another 30 minutes! I use it with the Anycom 250 bluetooth dongle.

    Wales, UK

  2. Anonymous1:04 am

    You could try this and let us know if it works
    Tom Szczepanik