Friday, March 16, 2007

Bleutooth Problems

You think you are going to have a very productive Friday. Enough paperwork to keep me off the streets for days and I needed to get most of it done before my meeting of this afternoon.

I switched my laptops, the Bluetooth headset and the Manager for Skype on and logged on to the Skype accounts. Everything worked well accept the Bluetooth devices.
Yes, they are getting old, the new Logitech Mobile Pro is about to arrive today but there was no reason what so ever to be disconnected every other minute.

The Widcom device was ok (according to the information I got from the laptop), the troubleshooter did not bring any relief but my frustration was growing.

I deleted all the headsets and added them again. No problem.. However, after a minute or so, the connection was gone again.
I opened the account of one client at my old laptop where I connected it to a USB phone. Luckily, my WiFi Phone arrived on Wednesday so I did a lot of testing and I connected to the account of my other client via WiFi.
I have to say it works great! (Getting it connected to the Internet is another story, will tell you about it over the weekend.)

My own accounts could wait until I sorted out the Bleutooth connections.
I did a lot of thinking; I am not really a techie though I am rather practical. So thinking often solves more then going through all the settings. But this time both were not helpful.

Then I remembered a friend who once sighed: “We don’t have the ability to think simple anymore. When something happens, we count down from the worst scenario.”
I could hear his voice as clear as being in the same room. He was right; I was counting down from the worst scenario: a broken Widcom device, phoning the supplier if I cannot find the error.

With my friend in mind, I deleted the driver and rebooted the Laptop. The driver got reinstalled and I could connect with my headset without loosing connection. Phew…..

But then……… CPU 50% for the Bleutooth. Grrrrrr. Another reboot and YES!! Everything is up and working fine!
I can hear you thinking……… “And your headsets, are they really bad or was it related to Widcom?”
Very smart thinking but of course I tried that on my other laptop and the headsets are worn out indeed so the new one will be on duty as soon as possible.

Friday, famous for being busy, packed and troubled. Can anyone explain to me why? Is it part of Murphy’s law?

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