Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Logitech Mobile Pro and TipTel Edge-Core WM4201

My bondage with my computer and even more the program Skype, is huge.
We love each other to bits and are very seldom seen separately.
OK, we do not share the same bed…. True, it isn’t that “bed” yet!
But yes, the three of us spend an awful lot of time together throughout the week.

Work never stops, always a “listening ear”. Apart from an excellent hearing I also need my beloved “hearing aid” the Bleutooth headset.
Proud owner of 3 but now almost widowed because 2 of them stopped working.
My most loyal one the Logitech Mobile Freedom, also the first one I bought, is still going strong but the Ericsson 608 stopped working at all. The 600 is not too bad but the batteries are about to give up.

Talking to other Bluetooth addicts and reading numerous reviews, I decided to go for Logitech again and this time the Logitech Mobile Pro. It needs a bit of fiddling at first but when it sits around your ear, it sits comfortable and shaking your head does not change its position. The broadcasting range is 10 metres which is also the case with the Mobile Freedom which actually has a range up to 20 metres when there are no walls.
I ordered the headset yesterday for a very fair price of € 50 incl. VAT with my supplier OKE PC and they promised me to have it delivered this week. I told my Mobile Freedom that it will be working together with its brother and that it will not be replaced for it (mind you it will give up before the other arrives………..)

Technical Specifications Mobile Pro:
* Works with Bluetooth phones and PCs
* Logitech® Mobile Pro Headset
* Bluetooth V1.2 compliant
* AC Power Adapter
* Weighs less than 30 g
* User documentation
* Broadcasting range: 10 meters
* 2-year warranty
* Talk time: Up to 10 hours
* Full product support
* Standby time: Up to 300 hours

I receive more and more questions about the Wifi Skype phones and I feel ashamed I can hardly really reply to them.
And I also discovered that I am going to need one more and more. I am still spending most of my time in the office but occasionally I am also on location and carrying my laptop on my back is not the best solution.
On location means also close to a WiFi hotspot and today I have been digging into my wallet and ordered the TipTel Edge-Core WM4201. Priced at € 178,50 incl. VAT.
I should have done that a long time ago but other more important investments needed to be done first. But now the time is there.

I have chosen for Tiptel not only because I am an official dealer, but because I am an official dealer because their products are inventive and reliable. Like their service (if needed at all!!).
Besides that I like the look of the Edge Core. It is very easy to handle, a 1,8 inch LCD, full colour display (65.000 colours), mini USB connection, Headsert connection and only 115 x 49 x 18 mm. Just my cup of tea!

Technical Specifications:
* IEEE802.b/g support
* Transit Speed: 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 11.5, 5.5, 2, 1 Mbps
* Antenna: Omni Directional, 2.5dBi
* Frequency: 2.4-2.497GHz
* Channel: FCC 1~11, ETSI 1~13
* RF output: Power 13dBm
* Safety - EN 60950-1 (TUV), IEC 60950-1 (CB)
* EMC - EN55022, EN55024
* RF - EN300 328, EN301 489-1-17
* AC adapter: 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
* DC voltage: 5V

2 New necessary toys to look forward to and I will keep you informed about my experiences with them.
But first I have an appointment with my dentist. I lost a complete tooth today, only enjoying a lunch of garlic bread and shrimps…

Not only my devices are giving up, my teeth as well!

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