Friday, December 01, 2006

No Skype in the attic (no cash either!)

I am way behind with my work on my top floor (attic). I had such wonderful plans of taking one laptop with me to receive calls whilst decorating. Possible because of my Wireless Internet Connection.

But it was too busy. As soon as I logged on in the mornings, there was work to do and it glued me to my office chair for most of the day. Even the evenings were not free for building and decorating.
Shame as the paint definitely cleared my nose and head and I hardly noticed the cold.

Thinking I got rid of the cold or anything to do with it, was a dream. On Wednesday my body told me I had to calm down a bit. Gosh, did I feel sick! No fever but all other signs of what could have been called a flu. Though I never have a flu (and I keep denying this was one :-))

Too sick to do anything but taking incoming calls. I snuggled up on my comfy settee and got company from my two cosy cats who thought it was a treat to have me there all day.
I lost 3 kilo’s of weight (good start as I want to loose much more!) and felt a bit shaky at the end of the day.
In between calls I slept an awful lot which did me a world of good and yesterday I felt as healthy as one can be. Even the cold was completely gone.

What a day sleep can do, I should remember that….

Lots and lots of paperwork, telephone meetings and back on the Forum. My Avatar said: “DO NOT DISTURB disturbed already”. It is still up today but almost ready to be changed for a more friendly one.

I managed to finish my work at 7 PM, walked the dog, had a cupper with Mum who’s Heart is playing nasty tricks again (she looks terrible but says she is reasonable ok. Never complaining she is, my Mum), changed clothing and disappeared to my top floor, trying to do as much work as possible.

My wall paint arrived on Tuesday and it is of extremely good quality. Good paint is a joy to work with and in no time the miserable grey concrete wall changed into a shiny white one. I plan to do the next coat tonight after food shopping.

Then I painted all the beams in their first definite yellow. What a change already, imagine how nice it will be after the second and last coat: a little bit of sunshine in the attic.

I started late and of course finished late. My dog, too old to climb the stairs (something she was very good in, loved climbing rocks during our stay in Sweden), told me twice with a short “woof” that it was time to call it a day. No doubt she was getting hungry for her last meal of the day and of course needed a walk.

It was not before 0.30 AM I finished the last beam and felt like a dwarf in a kitchen cupboard being curled up painting the lowest beams of the slope roof for an hour or so.

The dog walk in a silent village with loads of fresh air, did me good and I fell asleep as soon as I sniffed my pillow.

Waking up though, was a different story!! Id did not even hear the alarm clock!
Still, I am behind my laptop, taking calls, sent my invoices to my client s and now feel like a light meal.
And as of tonight, two duty free decorating days, yeah!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I've just got to have a photograph of this wonderful newly born attic when it's finished!