Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Job done

I am back. Back in my “new” office (no pictures available yet), with all equipment up and running full time.
Back at Skype’s Forum. Also back to reality.

The past week has been very hectic. I wanted to finish all building and decorating jobs at least a week before Christmas. And I reached my goal by working long hours. Sometimes even till 1.30 AM.
Mad? Crazy, Stupid? Yes, probably but I looked forward to getting the house back in order.
Spending Christmas in between half finished jobs wasn’t a nice idea.

I forwarded all incoming calls to my mobiles and carried those upstairs to work on my new room at the attic.
Most of the time it worked well but sometimes I had to wipe my painty fingers to a cloth before answering.
Bluetooth? Yes of course I have Bluetooth but unfortunately I only have two ears….

The inner wall was a lot of work. Nothing is straight at my attic and I had to saw most of the laths by hand.
It was around 3 PM on Friday that I fitted the last lath. After a quick dinner, I cleared everything from equipment, pieces of laths and saw dust and cleaned the bedroom. (Still the decorating laths but this is a job for next year.)
Apart of the chest of drawers, I put everything else in place, made the bed and fell into a deep sleep in the middle of the night. My first night in my
new room.

On Friday, my old bed moved from my bedroom to that of my neighbour who swapped it for his chicken pen. A very good deal as I needed to get rid of the bed (although it was a very nice one) where the neighbour's bed was close to giving up and neighbour needed to get rid of his chicken pen where mine wasn’t going to survive another year.

Saturday my brother and his family visited Mum. They live in Germany and are not always around when you need a pair of extra hands. Another reason why I wanted to finish the new room on Friday. Now brother and nephew could carry the chest of drawers to the attic. I manage a lot on my own but they are too heavy to carry them upstairs.
Brother also drilled a big hole for the Internet cables from the living room to the new office.

Enjoying seeing my family I spent the rest of the day with them and my Mother but moved my wardrobe upstairs during the evening.

On Sunday I dismounted the office desk, and moved it together with all printers, phones, adapters, scanners (and cables……… metres of cables……) etc. etc. to the old bedroom.
It took many hours before everything was in place and it was a relief when I switched on the laptops, to find everything working in good order. Including the WLAN connection.

Next my living room, still a huge mess with everything out of place. I planned this for the Monday but received a request for a telephone job for Monday and Tuesday so worked a bit harder to have everything in order before Monday morning.

It was not before 11 PM that the Christmas tree was up. Usually it is up right after our
Sinterklaas avondwhich is on the 5th of December. Tree stayed in my car for a few days and was happy to be released and decorated.

I also installed my fire place and by the time everything was finished it was 1) too late and 2) I was too tired to enjoy it.

Monday was a nice day for getting the rest of the house back in order because I was around my laptops again. So many little jobs like dusting, hovering, mopping, dishwashing. Things I didn’t do for a few days.

It was not until yesterday evening I was ready to relax.
I lighted the fire and the candle sticks, played a CD with Classical music, got a book and set down on my settee. My cats on my lap, my dog at my feet. And of course it didn’t take long before I dozed off.

Life is good to me. Happy holidays to all of you……

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  1. Norman4:00 am

    'Life is good to me'
    And life is what you make it.
    You put in a lot to life, gain great satisfaction from doing so and get a lot out of it.
    It's a very true saying and one which many people in today's world have forgotten or have not been taught to appreciate.
    Wonderful pictures, Ike, and congratulations on a job well done.
    May I wish you and your mother a very Happy Christmas.