Thursday, April 19, 2007

Networking, what is this?

I apologise to all my readers for being so quiet in this blog. Of course, there was much to report about new sound devices, the Skype worm, private life but it has been fairly busy at the office.

I also tried to catch up with networking: maintaining and expanding. Time consuming but extremely pleasant.
Not only nature celebrates Spring but so do the entrepreneurs. People are in a good and sunny mood which makes it easy to chat and connect.
So, what is networking?

In business, entrepreneurial networks are social organizations offering different types of resources to start or improve entrepreneurial projects. Having adequate human resources is a key factor for entrepreneurial achievements. Combined with leadership, the entrepreneurial network is an indispensable kind of social network not only necessary to properly run the business or project, but also to differentiate the business from similar projects.

The goal of most entrepreneurial networks is to bring together a broad selection of professionals and resources that compliment each other's endeavors. Initially a key priority is to aid successful business launches. Subsequently provide motivation, direction and increase access to opportunities and other skill sets. Promotion of each members talents and services both within the network and out in the broader market increases opportunities for all participants.

One of the key needs of any startup is capital, and often entrepreneurial networks focus on providing such financial resources, particularly tailored to their membership demographic.
Entrepreneurial networks may also become community involved, endorsing reforms, legislation or other municipal drives that accommodate their organization's goals.

Graeme Gibson of Wispa invited me to Ecademy. Totally new to networking, I was a bit careful with completing my profile. But even after entering minor information, I already received e-mails to welcome me. By replying, I connected to these net workers.
Slowly but surely, I developed a valuable network with wonderful people who are always willing to advise and to help out without expecting any profit at all.

One of the goals is of course doing business but this is not the first intention at Ecademy. Expanding your network, recommending and linking you to other members, trust and friendship is important, comes first. The private part in a profile is therefore very valuable. A year passed and I feel at home at Ecademy. I met wonderful people with a zest for life and friendship. From multinationals to small business holders with one thing in common: hard working to archive a healthy grow, willing to share their knowledge. It meant and still means much to me. Being a is even for the smallest entrepreneur affordable and it allows you an enormous freedom to e-mail, post and join clubs.

I would recommend every businessman/woman to join. Networking rocks!!
You can also find me at LinkedIn. Please feel free to contact me to connect. Speak to you soon.....

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