Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bluetooth and Vitaero, my match of the day

Browse for Bleutooth on my blog and you will find out that this is not the first time I talk about it. If it would be possible to have a Plastic Surgeon implementing Bluetooth devices, I would be number one on the list.

Although supposed to be glued to my laptops, I also need to move around for eating, drinking and some other perfectly human needs.
Because I also take calls from clients who forward to my mobiles (yes, I have a few…) I am already packed with equipments, pens and paper when away from my office but still within a range of 10 metres from my laptop (Skype).

My latest toy, the Logitech Mobile Pro is the most comfortable headset I ever bought but it is still causing difficulties with the various Skype versions Beta Testers are put up with (volunterely..).
After every update, I need to check the settings in Skype and Windows and figure out what works best: Bleutooth Audio or Bleutooth High Audio Quality or maybe a mix of these two.
Plus when the battery gets flat because I forgot to recharge it, I need to switch to one of my old devices and the whole sorting out business starts again.

Until one of my network contacts, Stuart John, Managing Director at Ocean Observations (UK), reminded me of Vitaero.
Vitaero is a Skype-certified software application that seamlessly manages the connections between Skype, your PC and your wireless Bluetooth headset.Vitaero connects to the headset and puts it in standby mode, preserving it's battery life while idle but enabling it to respond instantly when needed. Vitaero watches for any Skype event that would involve the headset (e.g. incoming call or listen to voicemail), or waits for you to press a headset button, and then intelligently performs the appropriate actions (e.g. ring the headset, open the audio connection or pick-up/hang-up a call).

The answer to my questions……
I downloaded the software, configured it to my needs and ever since, my connection problems are gone. Even Beta updates are of non influence.
Also, I can use it with more then one Skype account at the same laptop.
The sound quality improved tremendously, delays are gone.
If I am accidentally outside the 10-metre range of headset-laptop connection and the headset disconnects, Vitaero picks the signal up immediately after I step back in the 10-metre area. No need to push any buttons.

What I truly love, is being able to answer a call by pushing the call button of the headset. Something that is possible answering calls from mobile phones but not Skype calls. Vitaero makes that possible for me. Aaahhh….. mobile Skype freedom!

I am a happy kid and would like to advise everyone using Bluetooth with Skype, to at least try Vitaero. A free trial for 14 days!


  1. Is Vitaero still doing a good job for you? I'm evaluating a new bluetooth headset which connects to the phone or PC via a base station but I want to use it with a USB dongle (the Anycom one)so I can pick up the laptop and move it to another room without having to struggle with the base station. It will pair but the connection drops when I make a test recording in Windows Sound Recorder or use Skype. The manufacturer told me this is because it gives first priorty to the base station, second to your mobile and third to any other device.

    I must try Vitaero because their claim is it sends a low energy signal to the headset all the time to maintain connection (have i got that right?) so maybe it will help.



  2. Hi Peter,

    I never use a bleutooth headset without Vitaero.
    Even if I am out of reach and return, it picks up the signal immediately and connects me again.

    Also the posibility to answer with one click of the headset is one of my favourite options with Vitaero.

    I can only recommend it.


  3. Thank you Ike. I will try it. I evaluate lots of bluetooth and wireless headsets mainly for use with speech recognition (Dragon NatturallySpeaking) so I have or know about many different bluetooth headsets. Of course, if it works with speech recognition software, it means the headset will function well with Skype also.

    The Logitech Mobile Pro that you use, used to be my favourite but I have had battery life problems with two units and it is embarrassing to lose your connection in the middle of a Skype video call!! The battery life I find is nothing even close to what Logitech claim (unless I have had two bad units?).

    I enjoy your blog very much.

    Happy Christmas from North Wales, UK.


  4. I use(d) quite a lot of differrent bluetooth headset and indeed the Logitech Mobile Pro is also my favourite like the Ericsoon 600.
    But many, even more expensive ones, are no good with Skype. I never use speach recognition so can't comment on that. Nor do I use the microphone of a webcam.

    From all BT headsets, the Motorola's (although excellent with a mobile phone) are the worst with Skype.

    If you find a really really good one, please keep me informed!!

    North Wales, you are so lucky!

    For you a Merry Christmas from the North of (very flat :-)) Holland.


  5. vitaero is a software application that seamlessly connects a Bluetooth headset to SkypeTM on your PC so that you can manage your calls with the headset buttons. The software works with all popular Bluetooth headsets and it has been tested and certified by Skype.

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