Monday, June 02, 2008

Back home and stuttering internet connections

After a safe flight of a little more then two hours I arrived on Dutch Soil. My loved ones at home were complaining about rain where the weather in Tallinn was beautiful. I promised them to take some sunshine home and believe it or not, the sun arrived at the same time as my plain. But gosh, what a difference…… Tallinn was sunny and bright where Holland was sunny and humid. Will I ever get used to the humidity? I doubt.
Tjep and I took a weekend off. We had inner in a lovely restaurant (where I almost fell asleep, somehow you got to pay for long working days) and a visit to his sister an brother in law. Both events were very nice, so was the food.

Me not being logged on to my laptop during the weekend is an exception but to be honest I did not miss it too much.This week I am working from home in Hilversum and Tjep had a Linksys router installed so I could work either from his office or from the living room which I find more comfortable. Just because the height of the table is more suitable for my own hight them the office desk.

Unfortunately the router did not do what it promised and the signal was too weak. I moved to the office where I sat on 3 pillows (!!) to get a comfortable seat. I am not a dwarf but the desk was definitely designed for someone taller.

Although I set the Windows XP wireless configuration to stop, I repeatedly got disconnected from the Internet.
On off….. on off…. I am not a hothead but this drove me mad. How can one work, talk, chat etc with am internet connections that behaves like a bag of popcorn?

Poor Tjep, he arranged so much to let me work from home. He called his wiz kid who delivered a repeater so I could work from home and after that we were going to look if we could solve the popcorn effect.
Whilst the wiz kid was installing the repeater, I had a relaxing drink and bite.

For some reason it took a lot of effort to get everything working order and to my great delight I am connected to the internet without any disruption for over an hour. Late but ready for work, ready to Skype. Skoll!

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