Thursday, May 29, 2008

Skype Forum Bug Fixes

Every new version, no matter if it is the Skype client or the Community causes questions and wishes.Of course we are more then happy to reply to all questions and grant as many as possible wishes.
That means where technically possible.

Each web based Forum like Skype’s community is tied to rules. Within these rules we work, change and improve.
We gathered all information from all users and are happy to tell you that the first hotfix went live today.

Below the full change log which can also be found in the Community:

* bugfix: "This page requires javascript to be turned on" notification is on top of the image
* bugfix: Spacing between My Area and related is wrong.
* bugfix: div that should be scrollable is on top other stuff(opera)
* bugfix: Skype community doesn't have any text-decoration.
* bugfix: removed h1 category header.
* feature: Welcome is a link.
* feature: Navigation links changed.
* change: Quotes, code block.
* bugfix: layout - Quote Block.
* bugfix: layout - Edited by.
* bugfix: layout - Personal portal.
* bugfix: layout - Display name is incorrect link.
* feature: possibility to add content dynamicly under My Area.
* feature: Old forum options added under My Area.
* feature: Old topic options added under My Area.
* bugfix: layout - Board guidelines.
* bugfix: layout - View Forums.
* bugfix: layout - View Topics.
* bugfix: layout - Edit Personal Portal Information.
* bugfix: layout - Edit Signature.
* bugfix: layout - Edit Avatar Settings.
* bugfix: layout - Change Personal Photo.
* bugfix: layout - Manage Your Attachments.
* bugfix: layout - Manage Ignored Users.
* bugfix: layout - Email Settings.
* bugfix: layout - Board Settings.
* bugfix: layout - Reading a PM.
* bugfix: layout - Empty PM Folders.
* bugfix: layout - Edit storage.
* bugfix: layout - PM Block list.
* bugfix: layout - Archive messages.
* bugfix: layout - Message tracker.
* bugfix: layout - Saved (Unsent) PMs.
* bugfix: disabled threaded mode.

Feel free to give us your feedback via the Community!

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  1. Wow the fixed so many bugs. But i hope this time they will launch some skype themes for us skype addicts to enjoy using it.