Friday, December 28, 2007

Skype on HTC Touch 3450

A quick and early update about Skype on HTC Touch 3450.

I never worked before with Windows Mobile so I felt like a kid in a candy shop reading the manual, synchronizing and installing Skype.

The HTC does not support 3G but WiFi. It connected to my WiFi without problems and within minutes I was using Skype.

The speed it downloaded my extensively contact list and the rather huge amount of multi chats with, really surprised me.
I tested another application a while ago and it took ages to download but with GPRS10, it was done after 7 minutes. I have the same account running on my laptop and chats got updated on the HTC only a split second after they arrived on the laptop.
The sound is excellent receiving and making calls.

I am really impressed and are looking forward to explore it more thoroughly over the weekend.

Like wise for the Fuji FinePix S9500Zoom (digital camera). Does anyone have a more challenging weekend ahead?
Nah, I doubt....


  1. i fully agree to this beautiful story, but on my new htc 3450 i connected within minutes via wifi to the internet and downloaded skype for windows mobile, but this cannot be installed. the device does not accept this version. also skype for smartphones is not running. who knows what to do?
    thx, peter

  2. Skype for Smartphones does not work but Skype for Windows Mobile should not be a problem.

    Can you specify the error?

  3. well, i download skype for pocket pc (from, and after running it the htc says "SkypeForPocketPC is not a valid application for Pocket PC"
    maybe is wrong in the settings of htc?

  4. Hi Peter, I would like to advise you to visit The Skype for Windows Mobile Forum


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