Saturday, June 16, 2007

Skype's Ironing File Transfer

Is this a new feature of Skype? You might have thought you missed something at Skype’s Blog.
Do you like the idea? I am sure a whole new business is born....

Imagine you live in Friesland and are talking to your friend in Liverpool who told you he had done the ironing today but he has to force himself to do it (he doesn't like it). You tease him by asking him if he would like to do some more, e.g. your blouses, trousers and tea towels.
He replies he could handle the tea towels and of course, you don’t say no.

So off you go, you add them to a sheet or two (preferable Excel for a speedy transfer), click the File Transfer button and if you are lucky, your friend accepts.

I asked if they could be ironed before Monday, which gives me some time to sit with my feet high up on Sunday.

I like it. A Virtual Ironing Business for Busy Businessmen and Women.

What next?

(With thanks to Ian who was so nice to do my tea towels…)

1 comment:

  1. So, that is the next quantum leap of Skype: sending materials through the client? How will it be called? Material Transfer? Goods Transfer?

    I think we will however have to wait for 5-dimensional internet lines.

    And i promise i will betatest it and send my shirts to you: i hate ironing :-(