Thursday, May 31, 2007

Skype goodbye and Skype hello

Today is a sad day and a happy day.

Sad because Jaanus Kase is leaving Skype. Jaanus has contributed so much to Skype over the years – from project managing the Linux client to product managing group chats, to launching the Skype blogs and writing the main one while maintaining the forums. And probably much more.

My first contact with Jaanus was in October 2005 when he gave me the SuperUser badge. I was the first female SuperUser and no other reward could have made me so proud as that badge.

In December 2005 he gave me the Moderator badge which was again a huge honour. Here too I was the first female and I was added to a wonderful existing group of experienced Mod’s.
Being part of this Team is a great privilege.

But I am happy because Jaanus is moving forward by going back to University. I already got to know him as someone who loves developing his knowledge and wisdom. He is a grand example for going your way in life and IT land by learning, listening, discussing and doing.
Therefore, I wish Jaanus all possible luck and much, much more wisdom for the future.

I met two people in my life, two men, who contributed patience, overview and respect to my personal development. Men who triggered my grey “thinking cells”.
The first one, Wilco, Managing Director Aquaverium, was a very special person I worked for from 2003 till 2006.
The second one was Jaanus. Both men differ in age. Wilco is 62 and Jaanus 26 but the way both move through life and handle people and business is very similar. Jaanus once said “Wisdom comes with age”. Yes, but with some people Wisdom is a natural born gift. As well Wilco as Jaanus, have these gifts and I was so fortunate to work with both and to learn from them. Isn’t this wonderful? Special?

Also very special and ever so valuable to me is that Jaanus handed over his Forum duties to me.
Where Jaanus is leaving, I am joining Skype. Again sad and happy feelings. I am not joining as a Skype employee but as a Consultant. I am going to fulfil pleasant and more serious duties as Skype’s Head of Communities and Forum Operations. My task will be to maintain and develop the Forum together with the valuable and energetic input of my colleague Moderators, as well developing the feedback channels to Skype together with the PR department.

I am very much looking forward to this job and will find a balance in what Jaanus already achieved and what I am going to do. A job with no boundaries when it comes to future developments within the Skype Community.

Communication has always played a very important role in my life. I could talk long before I could walk and I started spelling the newspaper from the day I learned the alphabet. I have read thousands of books, worked for large international companies, travelled, listened and talked.
I experience the gifts of reading, listening and talking with endless joy.
I was born in a non computer era and bought my own first computer only 7 years ago. Although I was not known to be a computer Wiz kid, the Internet widened my horizon and opened numerous doors to knowing more, asking more and more amazement. My world got bigger and bigger.

And today I start working for Skype. A company and job I couldn’t have thought of in my wildest dreams.
So the biggest “Thank you” to Jaanus, is still not big enough to express what I really feel.

Yes, I am sad to see Jaanus leaving but I am certain although he is not my Skype based tutor anymore, I will keep learning from him. That makes me happy.


  1. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Fantastic Ike wish you the best luck! I'm very proud to be your Skype friend! Cheers!!! Fran├žoise

  2. Congratulations Ike on your new job! I for one for will be more of a regular visitor to the Skype forums from now on!

    They couldn't have given the job to a nicer person!

  3. lukman_chowdhury2:29 pm

    Congratulations to you Ike! am sorry to se Jaanus leaving. His contributions have truely been valuable on the forums and will be missed. I wish him the best of luck too.

    I have no doubt you will fulfil your new role with excellence. am very pleased for you. ;)

  4. Norman Musgrave3:40 pm

    As you already know Ike I am very happy for you.
    You will bring additional experience and wisdom to Skype.
    I am also sad that Jaanus is leaving.
    Like you, he conferred the honor of "Super User" on me and he knows I wish him well in the future.
    As you become ever more involved with your additional Skype duties you know can can rely on my continued support.
    Skype is very fortunate to have secured your services and as time goes on will benefit greatly from your increasing input.

  5. tabarex5:09 pm

    congrats, ike. and good luck from the a** of the world!! :) carlos

  6. Ike, Congratulations!
    I wish you all the best in your new role @ Skype.
    :-) Petr

  7. Ike, you are perfect for that job, congratulations! So means we gotta communicate more in the future? =)

    Anyway sad to see Jaanus is leaving!

  8. 7 comments on your new Skype duties, and 8 with my comment: you really are a popular Skyper ;-) ! Congratulations!

  9. Wow!! What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for all your wonderful wishes :-)


  10. Congratulations Ike!

    I cannot think of anybody I would rather have working for Skype!

    Unfortunate that Janus is leaving but it does leave room for new blood and I hope that it is as sucessful in the future.

    Anyway. Best of luck!

    -Sebastian Prooth